Experts in buying homes "as-is."

Mojo Homebuyers is actively searching for properties and multiple property
packages to purchase for investment. 

Our goal is to take away any stress you may have related to selling your property. We take pride in making the highest offers in the market, and are known for serving with the easiest and quickest home selling transactions. Give us a call now to receive an offer on your home.

Our Family



Hi, my name is Mojo. I am an English Bulldog born in 2020 & yes, I am a pandemic baby! I don’t usually like to work and that’s why I have hired my parents to buy some investment properties for my company. My main job is to snore and be goofy around. I like to play with my basketball, ride my skateboard, and eat steak when I’m not sleeping. I sometimes accompany my parents on their appointments so you might get lucky to pet me and get my autograph!

KV Baweja


Kavneet (KV) Baweja hails from a small town in Punjab, India. As a child, KV always aspired to be exceptional. In school, he was a well-rounded individual with his studies and involvement in sports. After completing his Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering, he made his way to the US, leaving everything he had ever known behind. Two years later, despite the obstacles that stood in his path, he graduated with an MBA in Business Analytics from Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business.

Growing up in a family that started a business from the ground up allowed him to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. KV has always been very interested in the real estate investing industry. His passion and knowledge drove him to found Mojo Homebuyers.

Fun facts: With his friendly demeanor, KV is a natural conversation starter when he meets new people. In his spare time, he enjoys playing pickleball & cricket, loves listening to music, and going on long drives.

Simran Nanda


Simran (Sim) Nanda is a first-generation American who was born and raised in New York. She graduated with honors with a BA in Political Science and an MBA in Business Analytics from Hofstra’s Zarb School of Business (where Sim and KV met!)

Sim has worked in various capacities and refined her skillset in data analysis, marketing, and digital communications. Being a Long Island native, she is a strong advocate of supporting her community and mentoring other women as she believes that her success so far has been a result of dedicated mentors in her life. Her passion is creating disruptive business opportunities. 

Fun facts: In her spare time, Sim enjoys reading and watching thrillers. She loves listening to people and finding creative solutions to solve their problems.

Our Goal

Together, Mojo, KV, and Sim are committed to providing efficient solutions to property owners who want to sell their property hassle-free.